Regional Management Team

Applications for the RMT are accepted by the Nominating Committee year-round (see below about job shadowing)! Apply today!

Region 21 Regional Management Team Job Application

You love being a Sweet Adeline. You love singing in Region 21. And now is your chance to share your skills and knowledge with everyone in Region 21! We’re looking for dynamic, talented, and dedicated women to serve on the Regional Management Team. In other words, we’re looking for you!

Members of the RMT serve for two years, with a six-year consecutive service limit. Terms are staggered, with the Communications Coordinator, Education Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and Team Coordinator starting their two-year terms in even years and the Directors’ Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, and Marketing Coordinator beginning their terms on odd years. Descriptions of these jobs are available as a pdf download here:

Job Descriptions and Suggested Qualifications For Regional Management Team Positions

Are you interested in a position, but it’s not the right odd or even year? Please apply! Region 21 has instituted a job shadow program, where those interested in serving on the Team are invited to spend a year (or more) learning about the job and all it entails. Attendance at meetings as an observer and even some funding are available to selected candidates.

We know you have a lot to share with our Region and now is the time to get involved.*

To apply, fill out the online application form below. When you click “send” at the end of the form, your responses will be transmitted to the chair of the Regional Nominating Committee. The committee chair will request confidential appraisals from the people you list as references. The Communications, Events, Finance, Marketing, and Team Coordinators will be appointed by the Regional Management Team; the Directors’ Coordinator will be elected by the Front-Line Directors; the Membership Coordinator will be elected by the Region 21 membership; and the Education Coordinator is selected by the International Education Direction Committee from nominees submitted by the region.


Job descriptions from the Regional Management Team Handbook available for download from the Sweet Adelines International website.

Any questions or concerns? Contact:

Region 21 Nominating Committee Chair
*Are you thinking, “I’d like to get involved but I’m not sure I’m ready for an RMT position.” Go to the Regional Committees and Activities page. You will see a wide variety of ways you can volunteer to help out our Golden West Region. Send word you’d like to be involved and we’ll be contacting you!
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