Regional Management Team




Improve vocal and performance skills of every singer in the region

  • Increase participation in regional competition
  • Improve scores
  • Membership awards
  • Visits/Coaching
  • Education in Open Division opportunity
  • Increase attendance at regional educational events
  • Education on judging categories
  • Continuing education in vocal skills

Raise public awareness of the barbershop art form

  • Utilize technology to reach diverse audiences
  • Increase membership diversity to reflect communities
  • Youth outreach
  • Improve website
  • Social media
  • Webcast competition
  • Provide distance learning opportunities
  • Create a resource guide for increasing diversity
  • Take YWIH to underserved markets
  • Access the network of music educators
  • Utilize YWIH Coordinator to reach out to YWIH chapter coordinators

Develop future musical and administrative leaders

  • Create succession plan for future RMT
  • Support and train directors
  • Develop and fund a shadow program for RMT positions
  • Develop director mentorship program

Increase regional membership

  • Increase the number of singers
  • Increase the number of choruses
  • Establish new choruses in underserved markets
  • Participate in the Global Membership Drive
  • Increasing exposure to social networks
  • Design and implement a cold start program
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