Regional Management Team




Improve vocal and performance skills of every singer in the region

  • Provide tools and education, with a focus on individual improvement
  • Increase participation in regional competition and educational events
  • Improve scores by using judges’ score sheets to drive educational offerings
  • Increase focus on individual responsibility
  • Support and encourage quartets
  • Recognize choruses for high participation in educational events
  • Visits and coaching
  • Provide distance learning opportunities
  • Pilot Virtual Roundtable discussions
  • Education on judging categories
  • Evaluate judges feedback from regional competitions
  • Maintain and support Quartet Development activities
  • Partner with Club 21 for quartet education

Raise public awareness of the barbershop art form

  • Utilize technology to reach diverse audiences
  • Increase membership diversity to reflect communities
  • Youth outreach
  • Support and encourage quartets
  • Maintain and promote website
  • Include broader barbershop content on website
  • Utilize social media
  • Webcast competition and market the offering to the general public
  • Create a roadmap for addressing membership diversity challenges
  • Support YWIH efforts
  • Establish relationships with music educators outside the barbershop community
  • Utilize YWIH Coordinator to reach out to YWIH chapter coordinators
  • Media coverage during events
  • Recognize chapters for their efforts in raising public awareness

Develop future musical and administrative leaders

  • Create succession plan for future RMT
  • Support and train directors
  • Support and train current and future arrangers
  • Support and train current and future chorus administrative leaders
  • Encourage interest in International level leadership
  • Articulate specific team opportunities to increase member involvement at the regional level
  • Hold annual social event to cultivate relationships with potential leaders throughout the region
  • Recruit “shadow” resources for RMT positions
  • Support director mentor program and provide director educational opportunities
  • Facilitate the leadership transition within the ADP program
  • Provide administrative training and resources
  • Continue development of educational Judging Track
  • Increase live communication with Team Coordinators and Presidents
  • Pilot Virtual Roundtable discussions

Increase regional membership

  • Increase the number of singers
  • Increase the number of choruses
  • Establish new choruses in underserved markets
  • Pilot Virtual Roundtable discussions
  • Increase knowledge sharing across chapters regarding membership growth activities
  • Continue to increase exposure through social networks
  • Educate chapters on the effective use of social media
  • Continue planning for new market expansion
  • Target Flagstaff for membership growth – Red RockAppella or charter a new chorus
  • Support prospective chapters – Mele O Kona and Coachella A Cappella
  • Recognize chapter efforts in membership growth

Provide an exceptional member experience

  • Improve organizational communication
  • Improve administrative practices
  • Encourage and support the use of regional tools
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility and affordability
  • Strengthen bond between Region 21 members
  • Pilot Virtual Roundtable discussions
  • Pilot “AMA21” Ask Me Anything live discussions
  • Communicate value of regional activities to membership
  • Make financial records easily available and transparent
  • Regularly occurring chapter visits
  • Provide cross-chapter knowledge sharing forums and resources
  • Provide distance learning opportunities
  • Develop and publish an in-region faculty database (contact information, areas of expertise, references)
  • Host social events for Region 21 members

Strategic Plan last updated 10/12/2019.

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