Education Downloads


Summer Seminar

“Camp Orange Blossom” Supporting Materials:


Camp Orange Blossom Schedule (for online viewing)

Camp Orange Blossom Program (includes competition insert)


Sharon Babb

“One Song At A Time”

Director and Music Teams Workshop

Download all the handouts for the Friday Director/Music Teams Workshop as a folder from Google Drive here.

Start Your Engines

Leveling the Race Track

On the Test Track

Choosing the Right Vehicle for the Race

Earning Your Learner’s Permit

Feeding the Pit Crew

Arrangers Workshop

Quartet Workshop

Friday Night & Saturday General Sessions

Download all the handouts for the Friday General Session as a folder from Google Drive here.

Focus on Performance Today

Download all the handouts for the Saturday General Sessions as a folder from Google Drive here.

Focus on Vocal Constructions

Focus on the Voice

Focus on Performance Levels

Focus on Home Cookin’


Quartet Workshop

Quartet Workshop with LoveNotes

LoveNotes: Brittany Gilmore, Mia Dessenberger, Caitlin Castelino, and Stephanie Lawson

How to Master Singing Tenor (pdf)

How to Master Singing Lead (pdf)

How to Master Singing Baritone (pdf)

How to Master Singing Bass (pdf)

“I Would Love to be the 4th Part” (pdf)

Phonetics (pdf)


Quartet Matching

Quartet Matching: 4 Locations

Bonnie McKibben, Pam Pieson, Kathleen Hansen, Jacquie Fernandez, Marsha Shaw, Paula Davis

Let Me Call You Sweetheart (pdf)

Let Me Call You Sweetheart Alternate High Tag (pdf)


Summer Seminar

“Camp Sea Breeze” Supporting Materials:

Karen Breidert

The Personality Puzzle (pdf)


Suzy Lobaugh

More Than Spots on Lines and Spaces (pdf)


Tomi McEvoy

L.E.A.P. of Faith: Tips for Leading, Energizing, and Accelerating Performance (pdf)

Regional Song Review

Click here to download music for the regional song review (password required).



“EXPRESS YOURSELF” Supporting Materials:

Marcia Pinvidic






Spring Convention Education Class

“Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Score Sheets: What to Do With Judges’ Feedback.”

High Roller Harmony, Phoenix, AZ, 2015

Judge’s Feedback on Region 21 overall




Making the Leap

A Year in the Life of a Chorus Director

Performance Level Guidelines

Open Division Guide – Preparing a Package

Open Division FAQs

Open Division Scoresheets


Summer Seminar

“Resonance and Barbershop Sound”

Jim Arns

Camp Ringing Pines, Prescott, AZ, 2014


Class Overview

The Throat

Judging Descriptors

Three Layered Continuum