Internationally Funded Visits

Your Regional Education Coordinator, in conjunction with the Membership Coordinator, is responsible for scheduling the internationally funded visits. Funded visits are allocated as

A total of 15 internationally funded education visits to chartered chapters is allocated. The focus of internationally funded visits is education, administration or issues regarding membership. Internationally funded visits should not be used for “get acquainted” visits.

Prospective chapters require two musical and two administrative visits in order to fulfill their chartering requirements. Typically, one visit would occur when the chapter is in Step One and one would occur when the chapter is in Step Two. (If determined necessary, a third musical visit may be granted with permission from international.) The musical visit should be made by the Education Coordinator or her designee. The administrative visits are made by the Membership Coordinator or her designee.

Two internationally funded visits are available per year (maximum two years) for chapters in revitalization. The regional management team chooses the visitor based on chorus need.

To request a visit, use the email links above (Education or Membership Coordinator) and include the reason for your request, the requested faculty and desired dates.

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