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November 18, 2017


Church of Christ-Netherwood Park
5101 Indian School Road Northeast
Albuquerque, NM 87110


With Special Guest Faculty Paula Davis, President Sweet Adelines International, Expression Judge Specialist



Join us for a one-day workshop for singers and administrators. Learn about musicality and artistry, team-building and trust.

Sweet Adelines International President Paula Davis has been a Sweet Adeline since 1984 and is currently international president and a six-year board member. She is the certified director of Song of Seattle Chorus, Region #13, and sings with TouchStone. A certified expression judge who has previously served on the Judge Specialist Committee, Paula has also chaired the Regional Leadership Committee and worked on the regional governance model task force. She is the “whole package” so you won’t want to miss it.



Event education handouts “live” on the Education Downloads page (under the Education menu). They are available for download now.

Developing Musicality and Artistry Through Physicality


Membership in the New Millennium

Explores various chorus models from slight changes to very different. Look at exactly what is required by the international organization and what is not; look at the broad freedom and decision-making opportunities for any chorus.

Effective Use of Warm-Ups


Building Trust

Talks to leadership or anyone that is challenged with building or rebuilding trust, including dealing with change.

The Mystery of Forward Motion

Why forward motion is such a foreign concept, has so many misconceptions, and how it is accomplished successfully.

Team Building

Active / game oriented class.

Up Your Game

How to approach and move to the next level and beyond!

Q&A with the President


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