Make Your Own MusicFest


What is Make Your Own MusicFest?

Make Your Own MusicFest (MYOM) is a program where, instead of members traveling to an educational event, the educational event is brought to a chorus. In years where we offer MYOM, there will be no Fall educational event. Instead, a chorus may make their own MusicFest specifically tailored to their chorus’ educational needs. Every chorus can choose to participate. Choruses will receive a stipend to cover the faculty fee and the faculty’s travel expenses.


How Does It Work? (The fine print)


  • In a MYOM year, choruses inform the Education Coordinator of their intent to participate in the program by September 1.
  • Each chorus must plan its own educational event, using Region 21 faculty, and have the plan approved by the Education Coordinator. Chorus schedules directly with the educator.
  • Event does not have to occur in the Fall but must take place during the fiscal year.
  • MYOM is not intended to replace or supplement chorus coaching. It needs to be an educational event.
  • Education must be designed for the entire chorus to participate.
  • MYOM must use Region 21 faculty, as one of the goals of the program is to develop our regional faculty. (Also, travel reimbursement requires Region 21 membership).
  • All sessions are open to observers from other choruses in the region. All MYOM events will be listed on the regional calendar.
  • Within two weeks of the completion of the session, choruses must fill out a feedback survey, submit a short article (with photo) to post on the regional website, and submit the necessary paperwork for financial reimbursement.
  • Prospective chapters are not eligible to receive funding but are invited to participate in other chorus’ MYOM events.



  • Transportation is covered by International Funded Visits (IFVs). If the cost of travel is greater then $600, pre-approval by the Education Coordinator is required. All flights must be booked through Sweet Adelines International’s designated travel agent, Journey House. Mileage will be reimbursed. For some reason the RMT cannot fathom, train travel is not covered.
  • Regional stipend is $300 per chapter. This stipend is non-transferable and does not rollover into future years if unused. If a chorus uses an educator for a duration longer than the regional stipend allows, the chorus is responsible for paying any additional costs beyond the stipend amount.
  • Food, lodging, or other expenses are funded by the chorus.
  • All expenses are paid directly by the chorus, then are reimbursed by the region after the following conditions are met:
    • IFV forms are completed and monies have been reimbursed from Sweet Adelines International.
    • Chorus completes a post-session feedback survey.
    • EXCEPTION: If air travel is used, this must be booked through Journey House Travel per the IFV policy. In this case, there is no chorus outlay of funds. International is billed directly for air travel.
Creating a regional faculty list is a work in progress. Regional faculty will be listed on this website, with a short biography and courses/topics they are willing to teach. Contact information for regional faculty will be found in the regional roster (password required).
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