Enchanted Mesa Show Chorus Makes Their Own MusicFest

by Tammy Meyers on January 6, 2020 Comments Off on Enchanted Mesa Show Chorus Makes Their Own MusicFest

Enchanted Mesa Show Chorus had a fantastic MusicFest in October 2019 with Kathleen Hansen as our faculty! The morning session was devoted to vocal production, where we worked on the technical aspects of singing…placement of vowels, posture and body alignment, breathing and breath support, how to create overtones, etc. Although we’ve heard many of these things before, Kathleen gave all of us the opportunity to actually experience each piece of information and hear and feel the difference for ourselves.

In the afternoon, Kathleen worked with the chorus to put into practice what we learned in the morning, with reminders to each section of where they fit in the chord and how small adjustments from each member can make a huge difference. Over 30 of our members (plus a few guests) were able to attend for all or part of the day. It was fun, productive, and a great learning experience with lots of participation from everyone.

Judy Sherman

EMSC Team Co-coordinator

Enchanted Mesa Show Chorus



Tammy MeyersEnchanted Mesa Show Chorus Makes Their Own MusicFest

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