Camp Sea Breeze Summer Seminar featuring the Stars of the West YWIH Contest

August 25-27, 2017


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Camp Sea Breeze Summer Seminar

It’s summer camp, Region 21 style – at a historic resort with comfortable beds, swimming pools, and amazing educational opportunities.

World-class director, coach, arranger Mo Field will be our guest faculty, plus the  Stars of the West Young Women in Harmony contest, the Double Quartet Contest, and so much more. It’s a big weekend with a lot of things happening. Region 21 rocks.

Click here to register!

And use this link to make your housing reservation at the Town and Country Resort at the Region 21 rate.

Don’t delay! Registration and housing deadline is July 22, 2017!

Region 21’s Stars of the West Contest

Region 21 is proud to host a Young Women in Harmony quartet competition as part of Camp Sea Breeze Summer Seminar. Taking place a few weeks after the SAI Rising Star competition in Baltimore, the Stars of the West competition will follow the same format.

Stars of the West registration is just $80 for a quartet and includes a Camp Sea Breeze AET – so if you’re a woman age 25 and under, form a quartet, compete, and get a bargain-priced AET.

Click here to register for Stars of the West!

Register for the Double Quartet Contest

Grab 7 of your friends and learn a couple of fun songs. You could go home with a medal or the coveted Golden Banana trophy! Blink and it’s contest time, so don’t delay in putting together your 2-song package. It’s a great way for novice singers to give quartet singing a try, so experienced singers – grab a “newbie” and start the fun.

Online Double Quartet contest registration requires an AET and is handled separately from seminar registration. Registration is open now.

Click here to register your double quartet.


Deadline for AET and Housing is July 22, 2017.

August 25-27, 2017

Join us for a wonderful weekend of education, performance, and fun!


It’s Summer Camp – Region 21 Style! Beat the heat and sail away to Camp Sea Breeze in San Diego this August. Our visiting “Camp Counselor” is Mo Field. Originally from Canada, Mo served as Master Director of the award-winning Stockholm City Voices for over ten years. She recently retired from directing, and now focuses her time as an internationally recognized and sought after vocal performance coach, arranger and published songwriter. Mo has an extensive musical portfolio from writing and performing her own material to jazz composition as well as an impressive career in barbershop and everything else in between.

When: August 25-27, 2017
Where: Town and Country Resort, San Diego, CA
Guest Faculty: Mo Field
Special programs: STARS OF THE WEST Young Women in Harmony Quartet Contest,
plus a Double Quartet Contest, International Showcase, Chorus Leader Workshops, 
Saturday night Camp Dinner, and so much more.

Registration for the Stars of the West Contest is $80/quartet and includes an AET for each competitor. Quartets must register together.


Enjoy it all at the nostalgic Town and Country Resort and Convention Center with multiple swimming pools, day spa, shuttles to the neighboring mall and golf course, and just minutes from the zoo, beach, and San Diego’s attractions!


500 Hotel Circle North
San Diego,CA 92108


The Town and Country Resort is a land mark hotel. In San Diego for over 60 years, the new Town and Country is a modern expression of the 1960’s Southern California vibe, relaxed, playful, and connected. Go to the Town and Country website to see for yourself.

Use this link to make your housing reservation at the Town and Country Resort at the Region 21 rate. Don’t delay. Once the housing block is filled, regular rates may apply.


All Events Tickets (AETs):

The convention registration verification is the All Events Ticket, which is a name badge. All seminar participants must purchase an AET. All Events Tickets (AETs) include all educational programs, the Stars of the West Contest, the Double Quartet Contest, the International Showcase, and Saturday dinner.

The registration deadline for Camp Sea Breeze is July 22, 2017. After that date, a $30 late fee will be added to the registration fee. Registration fees include a meal function. Costs for AETs are:

  • AET registrations $80.00
  • AET YOUTH registrations $50.00 (Age 25 and below)
  • Stars of the West Quartets $80.00/quartet

Show Ticket Prices:

Saturday’s Double Quartet Contest, International Showcase, and Stars of the West Contest are included with the AET purchase price. Those who purchase an AET are guaranteed a seat. Remaining seats will be available to those without an AET who purchase Show Tickets, which will be sold on a space-available, first-come, first-served basis at the door only.

  • Saturday Evening Show ONLY (Stars of the West, Double Quartet Contest, and International Showcase: $15.00

Performers on Saturday night’s International Showcase who do not have an AET may enjoy the performances standing in the back of the ballroom. Those who wish to have a seat must purchase a show ticket.

AETs and show tickets are transferable but NOT refundable.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Showcase your talents at the new Region 21 contest, Stars of the West. Quartets of young women are invited to share their music with singers from across the region, compete to win prizes, and get valuable feedback from Sweet Adelines judges. All are welcome – though it is a Region 21 contest, quartets from across the country – or across the world – are invited to join us in sunny San Diego for education, competition, and fun.

Contest Rules:

Stars of the West will be conducted according to the rules and regulations of the Sweet Adelines International Rising Star Contest. Quartets will sing two contestable barbershop songs (maximum time limit of 7 minutes before point penalties are incurred). The Rising Star judging system and scoring criteria will be used by a panel of certified Sweet Adeline judges. Level descriptors can be found here, and Rising Star score sheets are available here. Guidelines specific to the Stars of the West contest will be sent to each registrant who indicates she intends to compete and also will be posted here.

Eligibility to Compete:

Any youth quartet may participate as long as each woman is age 25 or younger at the time of the contest. No Sweet Adeline membership or chorus affiliation is required. (Though your local chorus is happy to provide guidance – just ask!) The cost to participate is $80.00 per quartet and includes an AET for each contestant – contestants must register as a Stars of the West quartet to receive this rate. Participation in the Stars of the West contest is in no way connected to the Rising Star contest – quartets may compete in both contests if they so choose.


Top quartets will earn Stars of the West medals. The winning quartet will receive four (4) All Events Tickets (AETs) with VIP seating to the Golden West Region 21 Spring Convention and Competition in Phoenix, AZ on April 19-22, 2018. They will also be invited to perform on the Saturday evening “Harmony Showcase.” The second place quartet will receive four (4) All Events Tickets (AETs) to the Spring convention, and the third place quartet will receive half-price AETs. Winners of the Stars of the West contest are eligible to compete in the next year.

Let your light shine at Stars of the West!



Saturday, August 26, 2017


1. The Double Quartet Competition shall be held under the supervision of the Competition Coordinator (CC) and the Events Coordinator (EvC).

2. The Double Quartet Competition shall be for the purpose of encouraging quartet participation, providing an opportunity to experience competition, and providing opportunities to show creativity in performing. Registered quartet members are encouraged to mentor future quartet members.

3. Any Double Quartet shall be eligible to compete provided that:

a) All of its members are in good standing with their Chapter or Chapter-At-Large, the Region, and Sweet Adelines International.

b) At least three (3) of its members are non-registered quartet members,

c) A majority (5 or more) members are members of Region 21, and

d) All of its members have paid the registration fee for the seminar.

Double Quartets who are not eligible based on b) or c) above may perform “For Evaluation Only” and are not eligible for awards.

4. It shall be permissible for members to compete in a second Double Quartet providing proper notification of double participation is indicated at the time of entry so that necessary adjustments in the “Draw for Order of Appearance” can be made. However, no more than three (3) members of a Double Quartet may compete in the same second Double Quartet.

5. Double Quartets winning any awards shall be eligible to compete the following year.

6. Double Quartets shall submit entry registration to the CC no later than the entry deadline date.

7. Drawing for the order of appearance shall be held at the briefing; the results of the draw shall be posted upon completion of the draw.

8. Selection of the judges shall be the duty of the EvC and CC.

9. Awards will be presented in the following categories:

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place
  • Golden Banana Award (Comedy)

10. Scoring shall be according to Sweet Adelines International’s rules of competition.

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