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The Region 21 contests will be webcast live from the historic Orpheum Theater in Phoenix, Arizona, sharing all the excitement of our quartet and chorus contests!

The $35 webcast subscription is good for the live stream on Friday and Saturday, plus viewing of the archived webcast until April 2021!

COMPETITORS – New this year, by purchasing the webcast you will have access to download the video of your performance including your webcast interview and webcast commentary. In the past it cost $35 in order for you to be provided with a DVD or thumb drive of your performance.  If you wanted to see the webcast commentary and webcast interview it was an additional $35.  Now you get both for only one charge of $35! To be clear, this is the only way to obtain a video of your performance. No DVD or thumb drive will be available.

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Our quartet webcast will begin on Friday, April 3, 2020 a few minutes before 1:30 PM MST (Note: Arizona remains on standard time, so it’s the same as PDT) for the quartet contest. Top quartets representing the Southwest will be putting their best onstage.

Our chorus competition will begin Saturday, April 4, 2020 a few minutes before 12:30 PM MST with performances by choruses from across the Southwestern United States. We’ll also be treated to a preview of things to come in Louisville, Kentucky with performances by International competitor and hostess chapter Harborlites Chorus. It promises to be an afternoon of great harmony!

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the orders of appearance and (approximate) on stage times for both contests. You can also download a pdf of the convention program using a link to the left. They will be posted as soon as they are available.

Your $35 webcast subscription will allow friends and family who can’t be in Phoenix to watch live on Friday and Saturday, then they can re-live the great experiences and watch as many times as they want until April of 2021.

Webcast “Shout Outs” are also available. It’s a perfect way to send good luck wishes to a competitor, thank a coach or a director, or have a note read to your family or friends who are watching at home. For just $5.00 (plus processing fee), the webcasters will read your note “on the air!” Scroll down to order your Shout Out today!

Complete information about the Region 21 competition, including a schedule of events, ticket order forms, and hotel information is available on the spring regional page.


Signing up for the webcast is easy!

Click the logo to order the webcast!

Order the webcast!

  1. Test your device’s ability to stream video by clicking here. If you can view this, then you’ll be able to view the Region 21 webcast. You can view on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Use a hard-wired Internet connection for best results. If you are streaming through cellular devices, data charges from your cellular carrier may apply.
  2. To order, click the image above to be taken to the PayPal order form. Order ahead and don’t miss a single performance! If you purchase the webcast on the day of the competition, it could take up to 45 minutes for your log-in capability to be updated in the system.
  3. Fill in the order form, including your email. Once the payment is processed, you will receive a receipt for your subscription. You will need to use the same email on the day of the broadcast to gain access to the webcast.
  4. When the competitions are about to begin, go to this link to view the webcast:  Link to be provided soon. (save this link as a favorite or come back here the day of the broadcast and click).
  5. Sign in using your correct email (the one you used on the PayPal payment) and enjoy the show.
  6. Sit back and enjoy the competitions!


  • Subscribers please note. In order to accommodate your ease of viewing our broadcast, we ask that you sign up early – at least a couple days ahead of time April 3rd – otherwise your access to the site may be delayed as we authorize your email access. If you sign up the day of a performance, a delay of up to 45 minutes may occur as we update the server with your access email address.
  • Your email will be your access to the viewing so please remember which email address you sign up with to watch our show. In the spirit of fairness, we require that you not share you email address to allow unpaid viewers to watch the show. You’re allowed 2 viewing options per email – one for your home PC or MAC and one for another service such as your smart phone, tablet, or iPad.
  • IMPORTANT. Your viewing enjoyment is our top priority but in the past, some have expressed problems viewing the live show. We are broadcasting in High Definition for quality and if you’re trying to watch on a smartphone, tablet or laptop while using Wi-Fi instead of a wired connection…. YOU MAY HAVE QUALITY ISSUES. This is due to your individual viewing situation and not our broadcast team. We monitor the show from several places during the performances to ensure the outgoing material. If you’re having a problem, please do not write the show or technical team as the problem is due to your viewing choices, so maybe move to a more stable environment like a PC with a good connection.


Send a Shout Out to your friends and family during the webcast!

Send good luck wishes to a competitor. Congratulate a chorus or quartet. Or have a note read to your family members who aren’t able to attend the competition live. For just $5.00 (plus $.45 processing fee), the webcasters will read your personal note to all subscribers. Proceeds from Shout Out sales go directly to Sweet Adelines Golden West Region 21.

Once you complete your payment, you will be taken to the online order form to compose your Shout Out and send it in. You must click the submit button at the bottom of the form. When your Shout Out is submitted, you will be sent to a “submission success” page, so you will know that you’re finished.


Be sure to click the link on the PayPal page to return to the Region 21 website when you finish your payment!


Webcast Commentators

Information coming soon!



(Times subject to change).


(Times subject to change).

Approximate Times On Stage – Quartets

(Times subject to change).

Approximate Times On Stage – Choruses

(Times subject to change).

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